Here at iFuse Solutions we have a mantra, “Make IT Happen!” It’s a term that is probably overused, but never gets old.

As some of you may already know a career in recruiting is a very busy life.  The ones who enjoy it love to juggle many things and be involved in ten conversations at once. It’s a very satisfying thing for people who, at the end of the day, know they have achieved something with their time. 

I have a philosophy built around living my life in the final 10% of everything.  I believe this is what separates the great people of the world from the “everyday’ers” out there.  It’s a simple thought process really. I believe the initial 90% of anything is usually easy to get started.  The final 10% is what the world sees, and most of the time is how you are represented.

If you are painting a wall, you start with a large roller that covers 90% with ease. But if you left the wall in that condition, visitors would think you’re lazy and don’t know how to finish a job. So, you get out the smaller brushes and trim the wall. All along, you’re taking your time to make sure you do not slop the paint on the ceiling, carpet or baseboard. If you take your time and do a good job, people don’t notice. When your work is subpar, that’s what people see and makes a negative impression.

Business is the same way to me. It is very easy to get in front of a client, preach customer service and explain how great you will do for them. If they like you, they’ll usually give you a shot, but that’s when the final 10% is critical. When the job is done, you must make sure the customer is completely satisfied, otherwise their disappointment with you will be your legacy.

When I hire someone to the team at iFuse Solutions, I always tell them to expect me to make them feel uncomfortable. I tell people, “if you are comfortable, you’re not growing as a person or a professional.” In the military they call this, “The Suck.” For the record, iFuse is not run like a military boot camp – it’s a reference to the mentality of fighting through the fear of failure or laziness to Make IT Happen.  Being in an uncomfortable state of mind and sticking something out no matter how unsure you are of yourself is an amazing feeling.  Most people quit, give up, make excuses and, in the end, fail.  But, those who accept the fear of failure and keep pushing come out the other side of life with a better understanding of themselves and what they are capable of accomplishing. 

In my mind, business is easy if you live in the final 10% – always keep your mind focused on the finished product and take care of your customer’s needs.  Be “On IT” when your customer asks a question. Wake up each morning with the attitude of Making IT Happen for your customers and coworkers, then when you end your day, you’ll know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. 

If you want to change your life for the better and take advantage of your full potential, I hope you live in the final 10% of every aspect of your life… work, play, family.  To me, it’s the only way to live, and I am happy God made me the way I am. 

Never forget my friends, Be On IT, Make IT Happen, and always remember; if asked, “Can you do it?”, your answer of “yes” or “no” is ALWAYS correct.

Have a wonderful day,

Nathan T. Knoll CEO / Executive Director iFuse Solutions


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