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We take getting you in the right seat with the right company seriously. Through our onboarding and vetting process, we identify the RIGHT job for you not just A job for you.

Relationship Driven

iFuse Solutions is a relationship business at its heart. We understand not every job is right for every person so we get to know our candidates and what makes a role right for them. When that perfect job hits our desk we want to know through our relationship that you are perfect for that role.

IT Specialization

We solely focus on tech and have built very strong relationships throughout the region. At our core, we are technology gurus who love to work on tech, talk about tech, and most importantly place qualified techs in their dream roles. We know tech because we are tech!

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Our Process

iFuse Solutions looks to engage the best and brightest in the Information Technology industry and understand how to assist them in their career. Our goal is to not only find you a position that matches your skillset, but also create an opportunity for you to grow as a technologist and individual. With that being said, we do a very thorough interview with each of our prospective candidates to understand how to best assist the individual.
We start every conversation out with one goal in mind, build a relationship. Our Technical Recruiting staff wants to get to know everyone they represent. Different people have different circumstances and we understand that so we focus on what job is going to be right for you. Changing jobs is life-changing, we want to do our best to make sure when you are represented by iFuse Solutions, you are represented to the right opportunity at the right time in your life for this role. Sometimes that means today is not the right time to make a move; we strive to get an understanding of where you are in your career and what that next step might look like so we can proactively look for the right opportunity that fits your specific needs. We are hiring experts and can help you with any stage of a job search – building a resume, preparing for an interview, etc. – we are here to help!
Once our Technical Recruiting staff has an idea of what job is perfect for you we then turn you over to one of our highly qualified Account Managers who perform an in-depth technical screen to see where your technical abilities stand. During this phase, our Account Managers discuss individual client’s needs, their culture and walk through what makes a candidate successful from a technical perspective. This is such an important step in our process, we want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful in the role with our client.
After we have determined that a possible opportunity checks all your boxes, both from a cultural and technical fit, with one of our client’s open opportunities we then move to the representation stage. We have in-depth discussions with the hiring managers about why you are the right person at the right time for their open role. If the hiring manager has questions, we then come back to you with an opportunity to answer those questions and move you to an interview.
An interview is maybe the most important moment in your professional career. We prepare you with all the tools and knowledge to be successful in your interview. We have deep knowledge of every role we are trying to fill and use that to educate you for a successful experience. iFuse Solutions schedules everything from the time, day and location of your interview. We stay with you through this entire process to make sure you are ready and prepared. Interviewing can be a stressful experience but our team takes that burden off your shoulders so you can go be yourself and land the job.
Negotiating your compensation can be burdensome and awkward. We do all of this upfront before the interview even takes place. We live in this industry and will be a guide to understanding what the market looks like for your skills and help to navigate this difficulty while negotiating the best possible offer. Our goal in this stage is to make sure you get fair compensation for the skills and experiences you’ve accumulated during your career. Every situation is different and we understand that so we put a lot of effort into knowing what you need to live a happy and productive life.
In this stage, we work exhaustively to make sure all this time and effort that you have invested doesn’t go to waste. We work with our clients to obtain a fair offer for you and make sure no obstacles stand in the way. We obtain a written offer to join the team, answer any outstanding questions on either side and work to make sure everyone is onboard. Once we have buy-in from both sides we set a start date and gather any information needed as you start the next journey in your professional life.
Starting your new job is not the end of our relationship – we hope to work with you for life and that starts with satisfaction in your new position. We check in with you once you’ve started after Day 1, Week 1, Days 30, 60, 90, and so on. Our goal is to get in front of any issues as soon as they develop to make sure your new job is successful for all parties involved.
We are in the relationship business and we have a desire to keep that going well into the future when you’ve been placed with iFuse Solutions. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a candidate that the experience through this process was unlike anything they’ve ever seen and that they have landed their dream job because of the relationship they’ve built with our company.

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