Before my time in IT Staffing and Recruiting, I spent most of my career as an IT Infrastructure Engineer, focusing on technologies like VMware and Microsoft’s core technology suite.

We make it a priority to hire IT Recruiters that come from IT backgrounds. If they do not come from an IT background we teach them IT.” – Nathan Knoll, CEO, iFuse Solutions.

A question I get from people who work with me now is, “Why iFuse Solutions, an IT Staffing and Recruiting Firm?” It’s not common to see someone with my technical background join the recruiting ranks. But I saw a need in the market for someone with my skill set to shake things up in Northeast Ohio.

The idea to start an IT Staffing and Recruiting firm happened when I had to hire IT Professionals in my previous life. I noticed a big gap in IT knowledge, when it came to the IT Staffing Professionals who were tasked with finding the talent I required for the job, and the IT Professionals they were recruiting.

In my past IT life, I had the need to grow my staff and never had the time to do the research it would require to make the right hire. So I turned to IT Staffing and Recruiting firms in Northeast Ohio. I found I would spend a lot of time educating my potential recruiter on the differences between someone who knows Active Directory Sites and Services and someone who knows how to change an AD Password.

What if someone actually knew what a day in the life of an IT organization looked like? Would they be able to take my order and deliver the person with the right skill set?

If you are dealing with iFuse Solutions, as your Northeast Ohio IT Staffing and Recruiting Firm, the answer is a resounding YES.

What I’ve found since starting iFuse Solutions, is that our technical screening ability with technical candidates is a HUGE asset that makes us different than any other IT Staffing and Recruiting Firm in Northeast Ohio. I have walked in the shoes of many of our clients, I know what makes a good Help Desk Tech or SCCM Administrator or Exchange/Powershell Engineer by having basic IT discussions with my peers every day.

We teach IT skills and keep our staff up to date on the latest tech news through staff driven Lunch and Learns, as well as constant daily education.

Our goal in life is to become the best IT Staffing and Recruiting Firm in Northeast Ohio. As we continue to educate on tech and hire technical professionals I think we are well on our way to that feat.

We hear words such as, “Refreshing”, “Breath of Fresh Air”, “Completely Different” all the time as we network with IT Professionals in the Northeast Ohio region.

So the answer to the previous question, “Why iFuse Solutions, an IT Staffing and Recruiting Firm?”, is because I care about my IT Community and want to make a difference in my fellow IT Professionals lives. Not too often do you get that in a job. At iFuse you do!


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